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Grasscloth  Wallpaper Handcrafted Bamboo, Abaca, Raffia, Sisal,

Paper Weaves, Jute, Hemp and Sea Grass





Cavalier Wall Liner is your one stop shopping source for grasscloth wallpapers,   wallcoverings and lining papers

We are the leading provider of handcrafted natural wallcoverings in the world, our team is working relentlessly for supplying you the latest in colors and design.

             Please allow us to be your guide.   

                                                           We offer $5.00 Samples on most products  



Grasscloth wallcoverings and wallpapers such as: bamboo, cane, raffia, paper weave, burlap, sisal and jute wallcoverings are made from  environmentally friendly natural products  with a  distinctive look  for your house and office. What better source for your  wallpaper needs with tremendous savings then Cavalier Wall Liner?  We are presenting the largest and most beautiful collection in this world! Handmade natural fiber wallcoverings  have variations,  of color and texture. Actual rolls will vary slightly from roll to roll. Just browse the following pages and enjoy a delightful experience.




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Here are some FAQ about wallpapering:

Master Craftsman Jim Parodi Advise About:

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